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You have a network of lymph nodes that move lymphatic fluid throughout your body and support your immune system. Sometimes your lymph nodes swell when you are fighting infection or when there is inflammation in your body for another reason. If you can feel your lymph nodes through your skin and they are not getting better over time, you may want a professional evaluation. At Wellspring LifeCare, Dr. Oliver Huang diagnoses the cause of palpable lymph nodes and provide personalized treatment plans to heal your body. Call or schedule an appointment online today.

Palpable Lymph Node Q & A

What is a palpable lymph node?

Your lymph nodes are small, oblong nodules that act as filters in your lymphatic system. They catch the viruses and bacteria that could lead to illness and help your body remove them with other waste products.

Your lymph nodes can become infected and cause swelling. This enlarges your lymph nodes and makes them palpable. For example, a common type of palpable lymph node develops when you have a sore throat or upper respiratory infection. You can often feel the lymph nodes at the top of your throat, and this is a sign of infection.

What causes lymph node enlargement?

In most cases, enlarged lymph nodes are caused by an infection your body is fighting off. However, lymph node enlargement can also be due to certain types of cancer, which is referred to as lymphoma. Some of the most common locations that you might find palpable lymph nodes include your:

  • Neck and throat
  • Underarms
  • Groin

If you discover that you have enlarged lymph nodes, you should make an appointment for the doctors at Wellspring LifeCare for assessment, diagnosis, and treatment.

What methods diagnose the cause of palpable lymph nodes?

The doctors at Wellspring LifeCare offer comprehensive exams to identify the cause of your palpable lymph nodes. We begin by collecting your personal and family medical history and perform a full physical exam. We take the time to listen to your concerns and ask thoughtful questions to develop a thorough understanding of your health and wellbeing.

The Wellspring LifeCare team may also order blood tests and diagnostic imaging studies such as X-rays or CT scans to gather more information about your enlarged lymph nodes. In some cases, we may perform a biopsy to collect a tissue sample for further testing.

What methods treat enlarged lymph nodes?

Treatment for enlarged lymph nodes depends entirely on the condition causing the swelling. The Wellspring LifeCare team may prescribe a combination of medication and supplements to reduce inflammation and help your body fight off illness. We also offer acupuncture therapy to stimulate your lymphatic system to help your body flush out the sickness.

If your palpable lymph nodes are due to cancer, the doctors refer you to an oncologist and collaborate to provide concerted care to support your health and wellbeing with holistic therapies while you go through traditional cancer treatment.

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