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If you often have upset stomach, bloating, heartburn or acid reflux, you may have chronic gastritis and gastroesophageal reflux. At Wellspring LifeCare, Dr. Sheri Ho provides comprehensive consultations to diagnose chronic gastritis and GERD, and offer holistic, patient-focused treatments to restore your digestive function and help you return to a healthy and active lifestyle. Call Wellspring LifeCare or make an appointment online today.

Chronic Gastritis Q & A

What are chronic gastritis and GERD?

Chronic gastritis involves persistent inflammation and damage to the stomach lining, causing symptoms of stomach discomfort, nausea, bloating and indigestion. Patients often also experience symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) with heartburn and acid reflux, which can manifest as throat irritation or bitter taste in the mouth.

Chronic gastritis can cause decreased appetite, weight loss, and malnutrition. Because some vitamins may be poorly absorbed by the damaged gastrointestinal system, patients with chronic gastritis may also develop complications such asĀ anemia due to vitamin B12 deficiency.

What causes chronic gastritis?

Chronic gastritis is often associated with infection with Helicobacter pylori (or H. pylori). However, many patients with chronic gastritis do not have the infection. Ultimately, chronic gastritis arises whenever there is excessive stomach acid secretion and weakening of the mucosal lining of the stomach. This often presents in conjunction with poor stomach and intestinal motility.

In GERD, in addition to excessive acid secretion, there are often also disturbances of the rhythmic movements of the esophagus as well as the contractility of the sphincter and stomach. These functions of the gastrointestinal tract are finely controlled by the autonomic nervous system, which can become perturbed and develop imbalances due to stress, diet and/or lifestyle.

What methods diagnose chronic gastritis?

Chronic gastritis is diagnosed by examining a specimen taken by a biopsy of the stomach mucosa. This is typically taken during an upper endoscopy examination. The symptoms are often typical enough to provide evidence for a clinical diagnosis without a biopsy. Additional blood, stool or breath tests can be done for Helicobacter pylori infection.

The doctors at Wellspring LifeCare diagnose chronic gastritis and GERD with a comprehensive physical exam and consultation. We talk to you about your personal and family medical history, lifestyle, overall wellness, and your symptoms. This information together with the above tests help your doctor create a customized treatment plan to improve your overall health and relieve your symptoms.

What approaches treat chronic gastritis?

At Wellspring LifeCare, we take a holistic approach to treating chronic gastritis. We aim to improve your overall health and resolve any underlying issues that contribute to your chronic gastritis and acid reflux symptoms.

Our team combines Eastern and Western medicine for a well-rounded approach to wellness. We offer in-house breath testing as well as alternative therapies including herbal prescriptions, supplements, and acupuncture. We may also suggest lifestyle modifications such as dietary changes, meal and sleep schedule, and stress reduction.

Call Wellspring LifeCare or schedule a consultation online today for expert diagnosis and personalized treatment and care for chronic gastritis.


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