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Have you ever wanted a full, understandable explanation about lab tests — what tests you truly need, and what your results really mean for your future health? When you have symptoms that need an accurate diagnosis or you want treatments that work, Dr. Oliver Huang at Wellspring LifeCare can help with an advanced lab consultation. If you would like to learn more about how a lab consultation can help you, call the office or use the online booking feature to schedule an appointment today.

Advanced Lab Consultation Q & A

Why might I need an advanced lab consultation?

You may need an advanced lab consultation when you have multiple symptoms or general symptoms associated with numerous possible health conditions, or you’ve been diagnosed with a complex chronic disease. In all these cases, an advanced lab consultation is the only way to determine the root cause of the problem and optimal treatment.

At Wellspring LifeCare, we offer an in-depth, comprehensive evaluation to aid you in making critical medical decisions. Dr. Huang specializes in molecular, cellular and tissue diagnosis. His extensive experience uniquely equips him to be your personal guide in selecting the most appropriate, least invasive tests to obtain the medical answers you need with precision. We aim to provide you all the important information you need to choose the optimal approach for your health, while also reducing the overall stress, cost, and adverse effects associated with unnecessary procedures.

We also offer several specialized lab tests which can help your doctor at Wellspring LifeCare evaluate the following:

  • Cancer risk stratification/prevention
  • Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular risk stratification/prevention
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Molecular, cellular and tissue profiling

Keep in mind that this is only a partial list of the many possible advanced lab tests used to assess the metabolic and cellular activities that take place in your body.

What should I expect during an advanced lab consultation?

Because Dr. Huang is an experienced pathologist, he can provide all the help you need to obtain an accurate diagnosis. During your consultation, he can recommend the type of lab testing you may need, perform the tests, and explain the results. He also recommends the best treatments based on your medical history and lab results.

What types of advanced lab tests are available?

Since there are hundreds of lab tests available, these are just three examples of tests frequently performed:

Cardiovascular markers

Lab tests like cholesterol levels are routinely performed, but advanced testing delves deeper, testing for biomarkers that tell more about your cardiovascular health. For example, cardiovascular biomarkers can show abnormalities in cholesterol metabolism that interfere with standard treatments and predict your risk for a heart attack.

The detailed information obtained about lipids, inflammation, and genetics allows the team at Wellspring LifeCare to develop effective, personalized treatment strategies.

Metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome refers to several health conditions that increase your risk for cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, and stroke: high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood lipids, and excess fat around your waist. The reason you may have these conditions can be complicated by several different factors including your genetics and other health conditions, as well as lifestyle. Dr. Huang may recommend specific lab tests to diagnose the underlying cause, and can interpret the results to design the best therapeutic approach for you.

Genetics and Molecular Diagnosis

Wellspring LifeCare is proud to offer cutting-edge genomic, molecular, and immunohistochemistry panels, in addition to specialized pathology tests such as minimally invasive, ultrasound-guided biopsy, fine needle aspiration, and buccal swab. This broad menu of options enables us to help you select the most appropriate tools to characterize your disease and associated risk with great precision, and, if relevant, to determine potential genetic targets for cancer prevention and therapy. Dr. Huang specializes in molecular, cellular and tissue diagnosis and is uniquely equipped to provide in-depth interpretation of all test results in conjunction. He can help you navigate the complex medical decision-making process for difficult and serious diseases such as cancer, all the way from obtaining an accurate diagnosis to formulating the best treatment plan.

When you need advanced lab testing to get to the bottom of a complex health problem, call Wellspring LifeCare or schedule an appointment online.


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